NARAL flips out over babies and the Super Bowl

Did you catch the Doritos Super Bowl ad last night? It’s not like everyone is talking about it or anything.

One of the biggest abortion groups in the nation, NARAL, was losing its mind over it because *gasp* it showed an ultrasound of a preborn baby and it *gasp* was a baby!

This is what they tweeted:

They need to chill out and tell their social media person to slowly back away from the wine (maybe that explains their insane tweets last night, which pretty much made it known they don’t like babies).

Besides the fact that Doritos should be commended for their hilarious ad but also for showing the normal things that women do during pregnancy, like having an ultrasound that shows their baby, NARAL demonstrated their anti-woman stance and lack of true empowerment of women. How is decrying an ultrasound empowering women? Or worse, how is being deceitful about the fact that a preborn baby is a baby? By being horrified that an ad “humanizes” a fetus, they are saying that the fetus isn’t human, which is an outright lie and anti-science.

The other ad that got NARAL’s panties in a twist was the #SuperBowlBabies ad, which was so awesome! It heralded the fact that after a team’s Super Bowl win, data shows that there is a bit of a baby boom in that particular city, which NARAL deems horrendous. Babies? OH NO.

So this Monday morning, our team at Students for Life are going to grab some Doritos and get to work saving babies and helping their moms facing unplanned pregnancies.