UPDATED: Purdue Staff Member Calls for Rape

**Update Friday, February 12th
The Blaze has received some of the deleted comments from Mr. Newman that he posted on various news stories on Live Action’s website. They have posted them in a story linked here. One of the screenshots is below:
Screenshot Newman and Tom

*This blog post has been updated from an earlier version posted on February 10th. We received further information about the situation and wanted to clarify the post to the best of our current knowledge.

Last week, the Purdue Students for Life group put up posters on campus that drew attention to the high number of abortions in the black community. They faced unprecedented backlash. In particular, one Purdue staff member, Jamie Newman, decided to use the event as a way to attack the students in the group. Here is a screenshot of just two of the posts from last week.


Since that time, the team at Students for Life has been monitoring Jamie Newman’s post to ensure the safety of our students at Purdue.

Today, the story took a dark turn.

Using his Disqus account, Jamie Newman commented on a story from Live Action News and called for the rape of pro-life women.

Jamie Newman (2)

In our current time, Americans know that threats made online must be taken seriously. At Students for Life, we take this Mr. Newman’s words very seriously especially in light of the current controversy at Purdue, his previous posts, and the position of authority he has on the campus.

“This is intolerable behavior, period. Purdue must terminate their relationship with Mr. Newman now. For the past week, our students have been called ‘racists,’ ‘human garbage,’ and ‘ignorant c*nts.’ They have courageously stood their ground and have met with black students who were offended by their educational display to explain their event and ask for help for future events. But now the safety of our students has been put into risk. Purdue cannot let a staff member publicly call for the rape of their students no matter how unpopular their speech,” said Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America.