Getting shoved at the Supreme Court


Before I begin telling you what happened on Wednesday, can you make a tax-dedutible gift of $16, $32, or even $116 right now to our 2016 Supreme Court Fund?

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court heard what will be the most important abortion case since I was in elementary school. And because of you, Students for Life of America was there, organizing the pro-life movement’s rally and prayer vigil before the Court.

Our students got there on Tuesday night and stayed all night to reserve our rally space and use it as a time of intense prayer and worship. At 4am in Washington, D.C., you heard the worship songs being broadcasted through the speakers!

By 7am, things began to heat up as bus loads of paid pro-abortion protestors began to be dropped off. These protestors had no idea that what was being argued before the Court was simply about common-sense safety standards in abortion facilities. They just came ready with their, “Keep your Rosaries off of my Ovaries” and “My Uterus is More Sacred than Your God” signs.

I have to say that even though we were so proud to have more student leaders join us at the Court than ever before, we were still outnumbered. And as time quickly approached for our 10am press conference, we were flanked on both sides by the pro-abortion protestors.

Thankfully, we had our two large “We are the Pro-Life Gen” mesh banners that we use at the March for Life every year with us and had students hold those and link arms to try to stop the other side from infiltrating our rally space.

But even with that, we had pro-abortion protestors shoving our staff and students, trying to go under their legs to squeeze into our rally space and stand in front of the media cameras who were lucky enough to push through the crowd. Our video cameras we had set up to record our speakers kept getting pushed to the ground. And at one point, a pro-abortion protestor shoved past me and ran up on our stage and started screaming into our microphone.

Friends, I can easily say this was the most intense event I’ve ever engaged in.

The security teams for some of our speakers, like the Texas Attorney General, wouldn’t even let him come to the podium to speak as previously planned. Thankfully though, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan, Senator Ben Sasse, Senator Tim Scott, and several other congressmen and women were brave enough to get through the throngs of protestors and address our students.

Speaker Ryan even used our tagline when he addressed the crowd proclaiming, “We are the Pro-Life Generation and We are Here to Stand for Life.”

See some of our footage from the Supreme Court and watch Speaker Ryan’s speech by clicking here.

For most of the rally, Tina, our Vice President, and Phil, our Videographer, were forced to stand firm by our stage, physically using their bodies to the stop protestors from rushing at our speakers. Tina told me later that her whole body was sore from being shoved and pushed while trying to prayerfully standing in front of them. The Police Chief of the Supreme Court even told our team that the pro-abortion protesters were the most uncivil crowd he’s ever seen.

This just shows you what we are up against — how much hurt there is on the other side and how afraid they are of losing to the pro-life generation.

While we outnumbered and vastly outspent, I’m so grateful that we were there. We were there to show the Supreme Court Justices that this generation is pro-life and we did that. We were interviewed by the Washington Post, The Hill, the AP, Reuters, and the New York Times. In fact yesterday, the front page of the New York Times featured our students.

After witnessing the chaos on Wednesday, our students are on fire and ready to go. They want to be there in June when the Court hands down its decision, which will either be to hand the case back to the lower court (a victory for us) or to overturn the lower court’s decision.

I’ve set up a special fund to start raising money we can use to help cover some of the transportation costs of our students in June. I know we are going to have to get a charter bus or two to transport students and then put them up in a hotel for a few nights as we await the decision. In addition, I’m going to have to replace our video equipment that was broken this week and purchase a larger sound system. I’m estimating it’s going to cost us about $25,000 or so to make sure that the pro-life generation is out there in full force.

Friends, please pitch in $16, $32, or even $116 today to our 2016 Supreme Court Fund?

Please keep our team in your prayers. This week was intense and now we are hitting the road for our Spring Campus Tour (will send you more details soon!). Thank you for allowing Students for Life to be there at the Court this week, to stand for women and children. Thank you for letting us show the nation that this pro-life generation is unafraid and determined to abolish abortion in our lifetime.

For Life,

Kristan Hawkins
President, Students for Life

P.S. — ABC News followed me around on Wednesday for a special segment about the Supreme Court case. Watch the segment here: