Bobcats for Life shows incredible dedication to pro-life activism and education

Bobcats for Life, a new student group at Ohio University, has started off with momentum and will effect change on their campus this coming year.

Kicking off the month of September with an Apologetics 101 training from their SFLA Regional Coordinator, they prepared for their busy month of activism.bobcatsforlife

Just 2 days later, the group put their Apologetics training to use and hit the road to Columbus to participate in “Operation Overpass” and pro-life outreach in downtown.

Following their outreach in Columbus, their focus shifted from activism to education. They gathered together with students to talk about the corrupt leadership of Planned Parenthood and held a “Meet Margaret Sanger” event, in which they educated their peers on the disturbing facts behind the founding of Planned Parenthood.

On September 10, Bobcats for life took to the road once again as they joined SFLA and other organizations in Cleveland Ohio to protest the “All-access” event and Pro-abortion concert led by Sia. These students left at 11am for the Women Betrayed rally in Cleveland, and didn’t get home until 1:30am the next day! Talk about dedication!

Only a few days later, Bobcats for Life invited Created Equal onto their campus to participate in abortion victim image (AVI) outreach, and were met with hostility from their student body. Bobcats for Life stood strong in their defense of the pre-born in the midst of large protests and vicious attacks from one of their peers. Regardless of these attacks, the very next day, group held a resource drive for their pregnancy resource center just outside their local grocery store!

Bobcats for life concluded their month by hosting the SFLA fall tour “The Cycle of Corruption”, educating their peers about the relationship between abortion big business and political corruption. Again, they were met with resistance, but this time from their school administration. Bobcats for Life are determined to spread the pro-life message on their campus, and seem fearless in the face of controversy.

Because of their dedication and passion, we are awarding Bobcats for life at Ohio University SFLA’s September Group of the Month. Keep up the good work!