Abby Johnson, ex-Planned Parenthood director and winner of the ‘Employee of the Year’ award from the organization, will be speaking at Georgetown University on April 20th, the same day as her former boss, Cecile Richards.

Georgetown University bills itself as a Catholic school but is still hosting the head of the largest abortion provider in the nation, whose views are in direct contradiction to the Catholic Church.

“Abby Johnson has personal experience at Planned Parenthood, and will reveal what the organization is really all about. It is important students learn about Planned Parenthood’s careless disregard for human life, and why Planned Parenthood is bad for women and children,” said Michael Khan, president of Georgetown Right to Life, an affiliate of the national pro-life youth organization Students for Life of America, and the group hosting Abby Johnson. “Amidst media bias and abortion defenders, Abby provides clarity to this debate and will offer a positive, life-affirming message of hope and love that defends the most defenseless.”

Georgetown Right to Life will also be setting up an educational display at the building where Ms. Richards will speak. The display, entitled We Don’t Need Planned Parenthood, uses large banners to call attention to Planned We dont need PP pic 2Parenthood’s lucrative abortion business, their acceptance of hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars a year, and the fact that there are other, more comprehensive health centers that do provide everything and more that Planned Parenthood does except abortions. Abby Johnson will be at the display to answer questions as well.

“Anytime Planned Parenthood shows up on a university campus to spread their anti-life propaganda, we should always hope for a strong, pro-life response,” said Abby Johnson, who currently runs a ministry for former abortion workers called And Then There Were None. “In this case, because a Catholic university has asked the president of the largest abortion corporation in our country to come and speak, we are more than happy to respond with life-affirming truth. If there was ever a time to take a stand against the abortion-promoting agenda of Planned Parenthood and their untruths, it is now. We must not allow them to infiltrate our Catholic institutions without resistance.”

“Instead of educating students of the Catholic Church’s doctrine on the protection of life, they bring in the president of the nation’s largest abortion provider, who last summer was revealed to have been involved in the harvesting and selling of baby body parts,” said Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America. “We are so proud of Georgetown Right to Life for proactively doing what their university should have done in the first place and inviting a courageous and dynamic pro-life woman to speak to the truth about abortion and equip students to persuasively discuss the greatest human rights tragedy in modern times.”

Abby Johnson will be speaking at 7:30pm in the historic Dahlgren Chapel on campus on Wednesday, April 20th. The We Don’t Need Planned Parenthood display will be set up in the Red Square and on the Regents Lawn, which is outside the Lohrfink Auditorim on where Cecile Richards will be speaking.

Facebook event is listed here.

Additionally, in conjunction with the Lecture Fund, the same group at Georgetown that is bringing Ms. Richards, Georgetown Right to Life is sponsoring a panel entitled “Life-Affirming Alternatives to Planned Parenthood” on Tuesday, April 19th at 6:15pm at the Copley Formal Lounge on campus. There will be a talk by Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), Chair of the Select Investigative Panel on Planned Parenthood in the U.S. House of Representatives, who will address the audience and take questions. Then a panel of pro-life healthcare experts will follow. The panel is moderated by Dr. Jeanne Lord of Georgetown and includes Kathleen Eaton Bravo,  Founder and CEO, Obria Medical Clinics, Astrid Bennett Gutierrez , Executive Director of Los Angeles Pregnancy Center and spokesperson and Vice President of Hispanics for Life and Human Rights, and Marguerite Duane, MD, MHA, FAAFP of Georgetown Medical School, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Fertility Appreciation Collaborative to Teach the Science (FACTS).

Lastly, Georgetown Right to Life will also host “Flag Day” on April 20th as part of their Cecile Richards protest. Flag Day consists of 3,600 flags on the Copley Lawn near the Front Gate to mark the number of abortions each day in the United States. They will also have one larger white flag this year for the women, who are also victims of abortion.

California AG Kamala Harris Needs to Resign

California Attorney General, Kamala Harris, raided the home of David Daleiden, the undercover journalist who started the Center for Medical Progress and exposed Planned Parenthood for their practices of selling the body parts of aborted babies.

AG Harris is also running for Senate to replace pro-abortion Senator Barbara Boxer. To no one’s surprise, Ms. Harris is supported by Planned Parenthood. But she is now using her official office to go after David, Planned Parenthood’s nemesis.

Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America, has called for the resignation of Kamala Harris, due to her obvious conflict of interest and corruption:

“California Attorney General Kamala Harris, who sent agents to raid the home a citizen journalist who exposed Planned Parenthood’s practices of harvesting and selling the body parts of aborted babies, is using her Senate campaign website to advocate for the abortion giant, promoting a petition to defend Planned Parenthood. Ms. Harris is engaging in exceptionally corrupt behavior, using her office as AG to aide a staunch supporter of her campaign. This is exactly the kind of puppeteering and blatant of conflict of interest that the American public is sick and tired of. Ms. Harris should immediately resign her position as the California Attorney General.”


2017 Conference Preview!

As a member of the Pro-Life Generation, you are heroic because you are speaking for those who voiceless and who cannot possibly defend themselves. This is the brand new theme of our 2017 National Conferences next January. We will be celebrating YOU and giving you more resources than ever to continue being heroic.

This is who you are and what you do each day on campus and in your communities.  Every time you are a voice for the voiceless on campus, help a student facing a crisis pregnancy make an ultrasound appointment, create a resource on campus for pregnant and parenting students, or stand outside of an abortion clinic offering women hope and Life – you are HEROIC!

Now is the time to start working on your plans to get to the West Coast Walk for Life in San Francisco, or the March for Life in Washington, D.C., and the SFLA National Conferences.  We have just confirmed the dates and the venues for both East and West Coast Conferences, and now we want to help you with your planning.


SFLA National Conference West Coast
Sunday, January 22, 2017
St. Mary’s Event Center
1111 Gough St.
San Francisco, CA

SFLA National Conference East Coast
Saturday, January 28, 2017
FBC Glenarden Event Center
600 Watkins Park Drive
Upper Marlboro, MD


In order to help you get your group out to either the East or West Coast National Conference we have put together a Student Planning Kit to help you with logistics, budget, and fundraising.  You can download your East Coast Student Kit or West Coast Student Kit.

Fundraising can make or break some group’s trips to the big pro-life events in January.  Offsetting some of the costs for the students in your group can open up the trip to more of your group members and if you are relying on fundraising to get you there, then there is no better time to start planning than now!  If the idea of fundraising scares you, SFLA has worked out a way to help student groups make it easier and less intimidating.  For student groups who sign our Licensing Agreement, we offer online fundraising pages where donations to your group are tax-deductible, which means there is even more of an incentive for donors to give you money.  There are no processing fees and the online webpage is easy to personalize.  Contact your Regional Coordinator to ask about the SFLA Licensing Agreement or email

Registration is set to open September 1st at and you can go there now for help with FAQs, hotels, and to view videos from the 2016 National Conference.  We will be announcing the schedules and speakers next!

Encounter in a Vegan Cafe

By Jane Riccardi, Students for Life’s New England Regional Coordinator

I used to think that the dreaded question, “So what do you do?” was an instant expiration date on any conversation, a malignant diagnosis that the Small Talk had metastasized and the interchange was more doomed than a relationship when one of the parties announces “we need to talk.”

Not so when you work in the pro-life movement.janeslaptopstickers

Whenever I meet new people, it’s always interesting to see how they react.  Many times they smile politely and move on to other topics, but many other times that one simple admission galvanizes a veritable Pandora’s Box of questions, accusations, complains, diatribes.  Sometimes it gets awkward, like that one time I found myself discussing ectopic pregnancies while salsa dancing on a Friday night.  I mean, there’s a time and place for everything.  However, one occasion a few weeks ago solidified my resolve to never proffer an ambiguous “I work for a non-profit,” because the reality that you might be meant to be something for someone struck me anew.

I was grabbing a smoothie and catching up on emails at a local café.  It was a vegan café, a detail I mention because it provides some context for the conversation that ensued.  Another contextual detail is that I have pro-life bumper stickers on my laptop, one of which reads “Adoption Saves Lives.” I had not been sitting there long, when an older women, upon reading this sticker, approached me rather congenially and said,

“Oh I love your sticker!  You’re talking about animal adoption, right?”

Now, I have nothing against animal adoption; in fact, I think it’s a great practice.  Nevertheless, I did feel it my duty to disillusion her.  “That’s great too,” I replied, “but actually mine is talking about human adoption.”

Her face crestfallen, she turned away, and I heard her friend whisper to her as they left the vegan café, “She’s one of those pro-life people.”

I thought that was the end of the interlude.  A few minutes later however, one of the waitresses approached me, also studying the Times Square of pro-life stickers on my computer.  “That one is interesting,” she said, pointing to the one that declares, “I Am an Abortion Abolitionist.”

“Thanks,” I replied, and then on a whim asked, “are you pro-life?”

She hesitated.  “No, well I don’t think I am.”   A longer hesitation.  “I had an abortion a few years ago, so I guess that means I’m not.”

And then we started talking for real.  Two complete strangers in a vegan café talking about life and loss, relationships and bad decisions, regret and hope.  In this case, no job description was necessary; a simple sticker was all the encouragement someone needed to reach out and open up.  Two weeks ago was the New England Leadership Summit, at which I spoke to students about not being intimidated by the controversy of abortion.  The intimidation is real, because broaching the topic of abortion with a total stranger is kind of like playing Minesweeper (anyone who says they know how to play that game is a liar).

Talking about abortion will always involve some level of hurt, because hurting people is the MO of the industry.  When people talk about abortion survivors, they usually mean babies who have miraculously survived the procedure.  But in reality, any woman who has been exploited by this industry is also a survivor – left, often alone, to pick up the pieces.

This woman – I’ll call her Sarah – and I only talked for about fifteen minutes, but her story, so ordinary, so relatable, struck a chord.  She was young, she loved someone, she thought he loved her back.  When he placed an ultimatum on her, she chose him over the baby.  She told me how hard that decision was, but she felt like she had no choice.  Interiorly, I thought about the brutal irony of an industry that sacrifices women who feel powerless and trapped on an alter to personal freedom.  Out loud, I told her about ministries like Rachel’s Vineyard that offer healing retreats for post-abortive women, and gave her the information for the local Boston chapter.  She seemed interested, but that was end of our conversation.  She went back to work, and I left shortly thereafter.

As I drove home, I couldn’t stop thinking about how relatable her story was.  Granted, not everyone has an abortion, but we’ve all done things we probably shouldn’t have done in the name of love.

Each of us is potentially one bad relationship away from being in a position where we will be faced with a choice, and it’s our job to make sure that those who must actually face it are not alone.  We must help them, in whatever ways we can, to realize that there is hope, and that they are not alone.  We can’t let the fear of a conversation gone wrong prevent us from the dozens of conversations that have the potential to offer hope to those who think they have none.  Sometimes all it takes is a friendly question, a compassionate smile, or even a 2 inch x 2 inch sticker.


Do you know someone hurting from abortion?  Visit or

Getting shoved at the Supreme Court


Before I begin telling you what happened on Wednesday, can you make a tax-dedutible gift of $16, $32, or even $116 right now to our 2016 Supreme Court Fund?

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court heard what will be the most important abortion case since I was in elementary school. And because of you, Students for Life of America was there, organizing the pro-life movement’s rally and prayer vigil before the Court.

Our students got there on Tuesday night and stayed all night to reserve our rally space and use it as a time of intense prayer and worship. At 4am in Washington, D.C., you heard the worship songs being broadcasted through the speakers!

By 7am, things began to heat up as bus loads of paid pro-abortion protestors began to be dropped off. These protestors had no idea that what was being argued before the Court was simply about common-sense safety standards in abortion facilities. They just came ready with their, “Keep your Rosaries off of my Ovaries” and “My Uterus is More Sacred than Your God” signs.

I have to say that even though we were so proud to have more student leaders join us at the Court than ever before, we were still outnumbered. And as time quickly approached for our 10am press conference, we were flanked on both sides by the pro-abortion protestors.

Thankfully, we had our two large “We are the Pro-Life Gen” mesh banners that we use at the March for Life every year with us and had students hold those and link arms to try to stop the other side from infiltrating our rally space.

But even with that, we had pro-abortion protestors shoving our staff and students, trying to go under their legs to squeeze into our rally space and stand in front of the media cameras who were lucky enough to push through the crowd. Our video cameras we had set up to record our speakers kept getting pushed to the ground. And at one point, a pro-abortion protestor shoved past me and ran up on our stage and started screaming into our microphone.

Friends, I can easily say this was the most intense event I’ve ever engaged in.

The security teams for some of our speakers, like the Texas Attorney General, wouldn’t even let him come to the podium to speak as previously planned. Thankfully though, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan, Senator Ben Sasse, Senator Tim Scott, and several other congressmen and women were brave enough to get through the throngs of protestors and address our students.

Speaker Ryan even used our tagline when he addressed the crowd proclaiming, “We are the Pro-Life Generation and We are Here to Stand for Life.”

See some of our footage from the Supreme Court and watch Speaker Ryan’s speech by clicking here.

For most of the rally, Tina, our Vice President, and Phil, our Videographer, were forced to stand firm by our stage, physically using their bodies to the stop protestors from rushing at our speakers. Tina told me later that her whole body was sore from being shoved and pushed while trying to prayerfully standing in front of them. The Police Chief of the Supreme Court even told our team that the pro-abortion protesters were the most uncivil crowd he’s ever seen.

This just shows you what we are up against — how much hurt there is on the other side and how afraid they are of losing to the pro-life generation.

While we outnumbered and vastly outspent, I’m so grateful that we were there. We were there to show the Supreme Court Justices that this generation is pro-life and we did that. We were interviewed by the Washington Post, The Hill, the AP, Reuters, and the New York Times. In fact yesterday, the front page of the New York Times featured our students.

After witnessing the chaos on Wednesday, our students are on fire and ready to go. They want to be there in June when the Court hands down its decision, which will either be to hand the case back to the lower court (a victory for us) or to overturn the lower court’s decision.

I’ve set up a special fund to start raising money we can use to help cover some of the transportation costs of our students in June. I know we are going to have to get a charter bus or two to transport students and then put them up in a hotel for a few nights as we await the decision. In addition, I’m going to have to replace our video equipment that was broken this week and purchase a larger sound system. I’m estimating it’s going to cost us about $25,000 or so to make sure that the pro-life generation is out there in full force.

Friends, please pitch in $16, $32, or even $116 today to our 2016 Supreme Court Fund?

Please keep our team in your prayers. This week was intense and now we are hitting the road for our Spring Campus Tour (will send you more details soon!). Thank you for allowing Students for Life to be there at the Court this week, to stand for women and children. Thank you for letting us show the nation that this pro-life generation is unafraid and determined to abolish abortion in our lifetime.

For Life,

Kristan Hawkins
President, Students for Life

P.S. — ABC News followed me around on Wednesday for a special segment about the Supreme Court case. Watch the segment here:

UPDATED: Purdue Staff Member Calls for Rape

**Update Friday, February 12th
The Blaze has received some of the deleted comments from Mr. Newman that he posted on various news stories on Live Action’s website. They have posted them in a story linked here. One of the screenshots is below:
Screenshot Newman and Tom

*This blog post has been updated from an earlier version posted on February 10th. We received further information about the situation and wanted to clarify the post to the best of our current knowledge.

Last week, the Purdue Students for Life group put up posters on campus that drew attention to the high number of abortions in the black community. They faced unprecedented backlash. In particular, one Purdue staff member, Jamie Newman, decided to use the event as a way to attack the students in the group. Here is a screenshot of just two of the posts from last week.


Since that time, the team at Students for Life has been monitoring Jamie Newman’s post to ensure the safety of our students at Purdue.

Today, the story took a dark turn.

Using his Disqus account, Jamie Newman commented on a story from Live Action News and called for the rape of pro-life women.

Jamie Newman (2)

In our current time, Americans know that threats made online must be taken seriously. At Students for Life, we take this Mr. Newman’s words very seriously especially in light of the current controversy at Purdue, his previous posts, and the position of authority he has on the campus.

“This is intolerable behavior, period. Purdue must terminate their relationship with Mr. Newman now. For the past week, our students have been called ‘racists,’ ‘human garbage,’ and ‘ignorant c*nts.’ They have courageously stood their ground and have met with black students who were offended by their educational display to explain their event and ask for help for future events. But now the safety of our students has been put into risk. Purdue cannot let a staff member publicly call for the rape of their students no matter how unpopular their speech,” said Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America.

What would a late-term abortionist say to med students? I found out.

By Michele Hendrickson, Capital Area Regional Coordinator

Last week, on February 3rd, Johns Hopkins University’s Medical Students for Choice hosted Dr. Leroy Carhart at an open invitation dinner event. Dr. Carhart is one of only a handful of late-term abortionists in the country, who by his own admission has committed 80-100K abortions, and hasn’t done a lecture in public for years.

Around 6:45PM, a crowd of 50 or so gathered inside one of Armstrong Medical Education Building’s lecture halls in preparation for Carhart’s talk.

As we all lined up to sign-in to the building’s security desk, I realized Leroy himself was just one person behind me awaiting his turn.


The man who I’ve only read about in press releases that covered his latest medical fiasco, was now so close to me that I could determine which parts of his shirt needed to be tucked in a bit more.  (The right side)

The evening ran a bit behind while we all waited for the Chinese food delivery to arrive, although I hardly had an appetite.  My goal for the night was to fit in and glean as much information as I could.  This was a huge chance to honestly observe and learn the perspectives of late-term abortion supporters.  Here were some of the highlights:

  • Carhart reflected on his past experience with Supreme Court cases and fighting against the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban, [in the first few minutes] “In reality if you think about an abortion, there isn’t an abortion done that doesn’t remove part of the fetus before it dies, and the rest of it afterwards. So it was really, could be interpreted as a total-abortion ban. Or definitely was interpreted as a second-trimester ban.  Anything after 14 weeks.” Unless of course, you are Leroy Carhart, one of about four others in the entire country who makes a living ending the lives of babies as far along as 30+ weeks.  Babies who can feel pain or be born and survive.   He prided himself of being among the few to perform “fetal injections”, thus euthanizing the baby from the inside as a loop hole to the Partial-Birth Ban.
  • JHU student and Voice for Life member Katherine Hamlet asked Carhart his opinion on the upcoming Supreme Court case, Whole Women’s Health vs. Cole, which challenges many of the common sense requirements finally being placed on abortion facilities. Certainly someone like Leroy Carhart who has claimed the lives of young women through abortion would see the importance of running a clinic that is up to par, yes?  Not so much.

“As far as like having hospital-type requirements for the clinic, which is what they want, ya know 250 square foot surgery rooms, 6ft aisles and 6ft hallways, and it’s just ludicrous.  It’s just not needed.”

  • I often hear challenges from students such as, “no one knows when life begins” or “it’s not a baby”, yet here they all sat in awe and wonder as Carhart spoke on and on… about dead babies and the methods he uses to kill them. He described the importance of using the fetal injections because then “[the babies] were not alive after the first visit.  They were dead
  • [Beginning of the tape] He explained the Supreme Court ruling that it was “illegal to remove a fetus partly before killing the fetus, and then deliver the rest of the parts.”

About 15 minutes in, he explained how he knows a baby could never be born alive using his procedure of fetal injections because “We know the baby has been dead for multiple days.”

  • Carhart made a few confusing and contradictory statements concerning his role in the woman’s choice to have an abortion. He made a statement that he performs abortions at such late stages of gestation based on “extreme cases” and not simply due to “unplanned pregnancies”.   [About 12 minutes] “Most of us are probably results of unplanned pregnancies (laughter from the audience).  However there are pregnancies that are devastating to a woman’s plans.”

Then he changes his tune and says, “Certainly if it was an unplanned pregnancy and they come to the office I’ll take care of them.  I see my part as a provider to provide abortions to the people who have made up their mind that that’s what they need.  I will not help the patient to make that decision… I’m not going to put myself in her head and say if it’s a good idea or a bad idea.”

Then later when pressed on the issue he states, “I have to be totally convinced that they know that this is not just the option that they need, but it’s the only option that they need.”

A student continues to push, “Is that just like a gut feeling?”

Carhart responds, “I don’t know.  I hope we’ve made it a little more scientific than a gut feeling.  I can tell you I’ve rejected people who everybody else thought we should do.  And, should I do that?  I don’t know.”  — wait, what??

  • Hang in there, we’re almost to the end of the evening, and almost at the pinnacle of shocking statements. This next comment is brought to us by a student who asked, “What is your advice for those wanting to become future abortion providers?”

[About 17:20] “When you’re burned out of doing labor and delivery and OB and Gynecology and you’re 55 or so, you might come back and work in the abortion field.”  Did I just hear that correctly?  When you’re done bringing life into the world, switch it up and end some instead.

  • [About 20:30] Student Question: “I’m wondering if your clinic provides any support, mental health support, for the women who come see you.”Carhart: “We don’t – but we have referral sources.” Anyone shocked here?
  • Someone asked Carhart to explain some of the worst fetal abnormalities he has seen [around 40 minutes in]. He lists several but then defends aborting babies with Down Syndrome. He discusses how he hears from families who have a child with Downs who is doing great but says that you can’t even know that in advance so aborting babies with Downs is fine to do.

As the evening came to a close, there was one last remark Carhart gave which made everything else seem like an episode of Sesame Street.

“I believe I’m doing God’s work.”

This is not in the recording as it was an impromptu response to a question asked in a small group setting later by Andrew Guernsey, a senior at Johns Hopkins and former president of Voice for Life.  Guernsey asked if Carhart considered himself a Christian, and his response was yes.

Carhart then shared with our small group that, to him, the Bible isn’t clear on the issue of abortion.  If Jesus didn’t say anything against it exactly – then it’s all good to him.

Lastly, he offered to all the students in the room to come visit his abortion facility and see for themselves exactly what happens inside.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m starting to feel a little ill – and I don’t think it’s the Chinese food.

Carhart’s entire discussion is available here:

The very NEXT day after this talk, an ambulance was called to Carhart’s late-term abortion facility in Maryland, for the second time this year. More info is here on that call.

NARAL flips out over babies and the Super Bowl

Did you catch the Doritos Super Bowl ad last night? It’s not like everyone is talking about it or anything.

One of the biggest abortion groups in the nation, NARAL, was losing its mind over it because *gasp* it showed an ultrasound of a preborn baby and it *gasp* was a baby!

This is what they tweeted:

They need to chill out and tell their social media person to slowly back away from the wine (maybe that explains their insane tweets last night, which pretty much made it known they don’t like babies).

Besides the fact that Doritos should be commended for their hilarious ad but also for showing the normal things that women do during pregnancy, like having an ultrasound that shows their baby, NARAL demonstrated their anti-woman stance and lack of true empowerment of women. How is decrying an ultrasound empowering women? Or worse, how is being deceitful about the fact that a preborn baby is a baby? By being horrified that an ad “humanizes” a fetus, they are saying that the fetus isn’t human, which is an outright lie and anti-science.

The other ad that got NARAL’s panties in a twist was the #SuperBowlBabies ad, which was so awesome! It heralded the fact that after a team’s Super Bowl win, data shows that there is a bit of a baby boom in that particular city, which NARAL deems horrendous. Babies? OH NO.

So this Monday morning, our team at Students for Life are going to grab some Doritos and get to work saving babies and helping their moms facing unplanned pregnancies.


Host a Conference Watch Party!

Because of #Blizzard2016, aka #Snowzilla, we had to cancel the 2016 SFLA East Coast Conference. Although we livestreamed the 2016 SFLA West Coast Conference on Sunday, January 24th, many students were unable to watch as inspiring speakers like Lila Rose, Stephanie Grey, and David Daleiden graced the stage.

We don’t want such an important event to be missed by any pro-life student. So here is our proposal:

Host an SFLA National Conference Watch Party for your pro-life group!

Here’s what you will get:

  • SFLA will send you the link where you can watch the entire conference.
  • SFLA will send you as many conference bags as you need that are filled to the brim with pro-life literature and other goodies.

Please fill out the form below and we will send the info you need!