Join the SFLA Prayer Team

Students for Life of America’s mission to abolish abortion in this lifetime is a mighty one PrayerTeamLogothat requires lots of travel away from families and some big goals. In short, our team of 20+ employees needs your prayers every day.

In addition, every week, we get lots of prayer requests from students who need help breaking through apathy on their campuses, dealing with obstacles from their administrations, and helping another student who they met on campus that is considering abortion or needs post-abortion healing.

Bottomline: We need more prayer warriors – will you join us?

What you can do as a member of the SFLA Prayer Team:

  • Sign up to receive monthly emails with various prayer requests from the SFLA team and the students we serve
  • Forward that email onto your family and friends and ask them to join you in prayer and join the SFLA Prayer Team
  • Pray, pray, pray

We can never pray enough. Even though SFLA is not a religiously-affiliated organization, our staff believes in the power of prayer as we have seen it work, first-hand!

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Prayer Requests

Pray for the incoming Administration and Congress, that they may be faithful to their promises to protect innocent life at all stages and defund Planning Parenthood (soon)!

For our Team:

  • Please pray for the health, strength, and safe travels for our entire SFL team and our student leaders, as we gather for several major events in January.
  • For the conversion of those who support abortion, who will be at the “Women’s March” in Washington on Jan. 21. For the protection of our team and other pro-life women who will be promoting a message of life – and that abortion harms women!
  • For the success of the Walk for Life, One Life and SFL West Coast national conferences in San Francisco at the end of January
  • For the success of the March for Life and the SFL East Coast national conference in DC and MD at the end of January
  • That women and men who have had abortions, or cooperated in abortion, will experience forgiveness and healing

From our Regional Coordinators and other staff:

Bethany: I would appreciate prayers for safe travels in January as I’ll be traveling (and speaking) to many Marches for Life in Denver, Colorado Springs, Cheyenne, Albuquerque, and San Francisco!

Lori: Please lift up a George Mason University (GMU) mom who I helped last year. She has two little ones with two different men. Strong girl! Works hard! But life is very tough for her.

Lauren: Pray for Lauren’s family and their newborn son.

Beth: Please pray for courage for a college student-athlete our team has assisted with Title IX and NCAA information. We pray that she may choose life and a hopeful future for her family.

Please pray for the recovery my grandmother who has been struggling with appendicitis, dementia, and other medical complications.

C.J.: I have several prayer requests. Please pray for a girl in Boston considering abortion under duress. Pray for the physical and spiritual protection for our whole team leading up to the March for Life. For me, if possible, as I have an endoscopy next week to check on my celiac disease and for healing/recovery! Thank you!

Johanna: Please pray for a supporter, Cheryl, and her daughter, Angie.

Cathy: Please pray for perseverance and courage for all pro-life medical students and law students as they pursue their degrees in often hostile academic settings and the culture of death.