Other Opportunities to Give

We offer you many ways to donate to the mission of Students for Life of America. Below are a few ways you can help contribute to SFLA’s mission:

  • Check out our Real Estate for Life page  to find out more about how buying or selling your home can benefit the pro-life movement!
  • Consider donating your air & train miles to our Field Staff! Our Regional Coordinators travel every week to inspire and train pro-life students across the country. Every mile you donate can help bring them one step closer to equipping this generation of pro-life leaders!
  • Remember SFLA when enrolling in the Charitable Federal Campaign. Our CFC number is 65984.
  • Processing With A Purpose is a program that uses Cornerstone Payment Systems to process credit card payments and the proceeds go towards Students for Life of America at no cost to the business using the system.
  • Switch your cell phone plan to Eos Mobile today, a cell phone company founded by conservatives for conservatives, where 3% of every bill will go to help fund SFLA’s pro-life efforts. Eos Mobile not only supports our values but they are as much as 30% cheaper on family plans with a nationwide coverage network! Sign up here: http://shop.eoscell.com/sfla/.