Amanda Lord, Digital Media Strategist

Amanda Lord, Digital Media Strategist Amanda Lord

At 18, Amanda Lord found herself pregnant. With no parenting skills and an abusive fiancé, she moved into a maternity home in Naples, FL. It was in the home that she decided to place her son for adoption. Amidst this challenging time, Amanda dedicated her life to advocating for adoption and helping women facing crisis pregnancies. Now 30 years old, Amanda has been in the pro-life movement for nine years. She has spread the message of life to over 200 high school and college campuses, and worked behind the scenes with four pro-life organizations. She joined Students for Life of America in September of 2010 and coordinates SFLA’s digital media including finding new ways to communicate with the Pro-Life Generation.

While she knows anything and everything about Disneyland, she has sacrificed her desire to work at the park to instead devote herself to saving lives and helping women.

Amanda can be contacted at