Bethany Janzen, Rocky Mountain Regional Coordinator

Bethany Janzen, Rocky Mountain Regional Coordinator Bethany Janzen

Born and raised in Oregon, Bethany Janzen graduated from Corban University in 2016 with a B.S. in Political Science and minors in Business Administration and Biblical Studies. Before joining Students for Life, Bethany was the president of both Clackamas Community College and Corban University Students for Life groups. While leading Corban Students for Life, she introduced SFLA’s Pregnant on Campus Initiative, organized sidewalk counseling at her local Planned Parenthood, and mobilized her group to participate in Students for Life’s counter protests at the San Francisco Walk for Life in both 2014 and 2015.

At Corban, she also started an Apologetics club and then a world Parliamentary Debate team, winning two tournaments and competing at the Debate National in Anchorage, Alaska.

Working at Oregon Right to Life, Bethany co-founded the Oregon Optimist, a pro-life online news site aimed at engaging the younger generation. During the 2015 Oregon legislative session, she was the public relations legislative aid to her state senator.

She has spoken at pro-life events at home and in China and Europe. Bethany has a passion to develop future leaders of this generation to create a culture of life and ultimately abolish abortion worldwide in her lifetime. She is excited to equip pro-life students in the Rocky Mountain Region! When she’s not doing pro-life activism, you can find her hiking, enjoying music with friends, or enjoying the Rockies!

If you live in the Rocky Mountain Region (CO, WY, UT, AZ, or NM) and are passionate about changing your campus for life, contact Bethany at!