C.J. Williams, Pro-Life Future National Coordinator

C.J. Williams, Pro-Life Future National Coordinator C.J. Williams

C.J. has always seen the impact of abortion. And it kills. Not just the children in the womb, but the mothers, fathers, youth and young adults are broken by a culture that disposes of its most vulnerable.   But change is something that she knows from personal experience cannot be effected alone.

C.J. is excited to coordinate the chapters of ProLife Future, where she can plug the vacuum of community and resource that has kept her peers, fellow young adults, from advocating for the preborn. She has worked extensively in the pro-life and consistent life movement, coordinating activism, educating communities, and sparking off grassroots events since well before university with organizations such Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, Life Matters Journal, Birth Choice, various adoption services, and CDC. C.J.’s work, from nutrition consultant to disability advocate, has always focused on the consistent ethic of human dignity, and as a writer and speaker, she has been highly effective in educating and reaching a diverse audience, especially amongst her peers.

As a Comparative Literature major, she knows that the world turns on the stories it believes. Abortion has thrived as reality through deception and obscurity. One key way to abolish abortion is  through exposure, and one key aspect of exposure is action. With Pro-Life Future, C.J. looks forward to offering the resources, the structure, and the community to her peers that will make them effective activists who can tell the true story of the dignity of human life, and put abortion where it belongs: in the past.

C.J. can be contacted at cwilliams@prolifefuture.org.