Caleb Worrell, Rock for Life Programs Coordinator

Caleb Worrell, Rock for Life Programs Coordinator Caleb Worrell

Caleb first became involved in the pro-life movement at 15 when he had the opportunity to attend the March for Life as Rock for Life volunteer. After protesting outside of a planned parenthood and seeing the number of young women his age entering the building he knew he knew he wanted to get more involved in educating young people about the destructiveness of abortion. A few weeks later he also found out that his mother had been advised toward abortion due to a test stating he had a high chance of being born with spina bifida. Needless to say, Caleb was born completely healthy without any spinal issues at all.

All of this resulted in a passion for educating others about the danger of abortion and spreading the pro-life message to his peers and kept him regularly volunteering for Rock for Life in high school. In 2013 he hit the road working the Rock for Life booth on the 2013 Acquire the Fire tour. In this time he traveled America spreading the pro-life message and catching the travel bug. Now nearly three years later Caleb works for Students for Life as our Rock for Life Programs Coordinator.