Lauren (Martinez) Castillo, National Faith Formations Program Director

Lauren (Martinez) Castillo, National Faith Formations Program Director Lauren (Martinez) Castillo

Lauren Castillo graduated in 2013 from Regis University with a B.S. in Accounting and a B.A. in Religious Studies. She joined the Pro-Life movement at a young age because she saw many unplanned pregnancies happening in her community and inadequate support and resources available. She was the President for the Students for Life group in college and high school and hosted the first Regional Students for Life Conference in Denver in October 2012. Lauren has a passion to help develop future leaders in this generation to ensure that abortion is abolished in her lifetime. She is also dedicated to helping ensure that college campuses are properly equipped to adequately support pregnant women and parenting students. She has spoken at most of the major colleges in the Rocky Mountain region and facilitated the creation of pro-life groups including CU Boulder, CSU Pueblo, Wyoming Catholic College and many high schools both private and public. Lauren has been featured in newspapers including the Denver Catholic Register, El Pueblo Católico, and the National Catholic Register. She has also spoken at many youth rallies and conferences around the Rocky Mountain Region.