Rebekah Chiew, Director of Training

Rebekah Chiew, Director of Training Rebekah Chiew

Rebekah was hired in 2012 as the Northwest Regional Coordinator of Students for Life for Students for Life of America (SFLA). As a Regional Coordinator, Rebekah travels through OR, WA, ID MT and AK training and inspiring pro-life student leaders to take a stand for Life on their campuses and in their communities. She has equipped and trained hundreds of students in pro-life activism, leadership, pro-life apologetics, and how to face opposition.

Starting early in the pro-life movement, Rebekah followed her parents around as a child when they sidewalk counseled and volunteered at the local maternity home. Through high school, she continued to be involved in her local pro-life movement by volunteering with her local right to life, pregnancy center and campaigning for pro-life political candidates.

Rebekah graduated summa cum laude from University of Oregon with a bachelor’s degree in English. While a student, Rebekah helped to found the University of Oregon Students for Life club. She knows first-hand the challenges associated with growing a pro-life group and dealing with opposition from student government and brings her experience on campus into her student trainings.

Rebekah speaks regularly at pro-life and youth conferences, Right to Life gatherings, and 40 Days for Life kick-off rallies. Rebekah is proud to be an abortion abolitionist and a part of this pro-life generation! She strongly believes in the mission of SFLA and that pro-life students are at the heart of the abortion battle in America.

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