Ryan Eyrich, Southeast Regional Coordinator

Ryan Eyrich, Southeast Regional Coordinator Ryan Eyrich

Ryan grew up in Augusta, GA and plans to graduate in May of 2016 with a BA in History and a double minor in both Government and Economics. Ryan has always been an adamant advisory for the Pro-Life cause. Even as a young boy he knew that abortion was wrong and that every life was special and worth defending. Once Ryan started at Belmont Abbey College, he soon became Belmont’s Pro-Life club’s president. Ryan remained president for his Freshmen and Sophomore year. Besides leading Belmont Abbey’s Pro-Life club, Ryan has participated in the annual March for Life and other Pro-Life events.

As a young kid, Ryan was always fascinated with historical accounts of civil disobedience such as the numerous accounts of ordinary civilians risking their lives to hide Jews from the Nazi regime. These great stories of compassion have served Ryan as a driving force to help build up the Pro-Life movement since many women today are in dire need of similar compassion and assistance. Ryan is excited to be able to work with Students For Life as it furthers the Pro-Life movement by empowering students to a stand against the abortion regime.

If you live in NC, SC, GA, or FL and would like to start a Pro-Life group on your campus or would like help with an already established club, contact Ryan at reyrich@studentsforlife.org.