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The uproar over Vice President Mike Pence’s decision to leave the Colts-49ers game after some NFL players took a knee during the national anthem again highlights the intense cultural debate over free speech that seems of utmost importance to the media and activists. Yet not all “speech” is treated as equal in coverage and attention.

Over the last few weeks, the free speech rights of students on college campuses have been violated as peaceful chalk messages from students have been destroyed, flyers pulled down and permits for new pro-life groups and speakers slow walked through the approval process to prevent voices from being heard. If you haven’t heard about the college blockade taking place even this week, perhaps it is because the students whose voices are being forcibly silenced favor life over abortion. And while they may not get the attention that millionaire athletes can garner, their points of view are no less valid.

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Our time is now.

By Kristan Hawkins, President of Students for Life of America

Our time is now.

America has a pro-life majority government. Everything we have been fighting so hard to accomplish these past several years, despite an entrenched abortion lobby and corrupt politicians in Washington — all of this is now possible.

It’s now very easy to imagine a day when Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton will be overturned and when Planned Parenthood, our nation’s abortion Goliath, will be defunded of half a billion dollars in taxpayer money.

This is possible, now. trump1


If we, the pro-life generation, hold President-Elect Trump to his promises.

If we hold the Congress and it’s leaders to their numerous pledges.

If we stand united, focused, and motivated.

There is no excuse.

As you know, our mission at Students for Life has never been dependent on what happens in Washington. This victory helps the pro-life movement immensely. This new pro-life majority has it within their reach to pass and enforce the pro-life laws we need until we reach the day our culture fundamentally rejects abortion. We will save more lives.

…but now the real work begins. We have to finish what we started.

We need to ensure that only pro-life Supreme Court justices are appointed, period. We need to fire Planned Parenthood and defund them of our taxpayer dollars, plain and simple.

We need to mobilize like never before and ensure our leaders in Washington will do what they have pledged.

And I’m going to ask you to do some hard things in the next few months and years.

I’m asking you today to trust our team at Students for Life and to believe in our mission to make abortion unthinkable and illegal in our lifetime. For this will be one of my greatest honors to lead you through this fight…the fight of our lives.

While our pro-life generation may be young, we’ve studied under our pro-life predecessors and heroes. We’re organized. We’re united. And we’re prepared. We can do this.

Please, stand with me. There’s so much we need to do.

This is our chance to appoint the justices we need to overturn Roe and Doe. This is our chance to defund and bankrupt the abortion Goliath, Planned Parenthood. This is our chance, the chance of a lifetime, to abolish abortion.

This is our time.

Eye Witness Account: What Happened Friday Night in Texas

By the SFLA #Stand4Life Bus Team

When the Texas State Senate passed HB2 on Friday night, banning abortions after 20 weeks (when pre-born children have been scientifically proven to feel pain) and instituting regulations on abortion facilities that will bring them up to par with other surgical centers across the state, the scene outside the Senate chamber was chaotic. Abortion rights activists had descended upon the state capitol for a protest that became about much more than just one bill. Even Occupy Austin had joined the fray for demonstrations that, as our team witnessed, went far beyond the control of Planned Parenthood and NARAL.

The crowds started gathering very early in the morning, with some people lining up for access to the Senate gallery before 5 AM. The building became a sea of orange shirts (abortion activists) and blue shirts (pro-lifers). The abortion activists had come to the capitol ready for a fight. Throughout the day, the Department of Public Safety (DPS) confiscated jars of urine, feces and paint, as well as bricks from the pro-aborts. Like small children, they were going to throw their waste at people who disagreed with them and at law makers who were planning to vote to protect the preborn. They passed around sharpies so they could write a lawyer’s phone number on their bodies for when they were arrested. The rotunda in the middle of the building became the focal point of protests and filled up with orange shirts as the final vote came closer.

The sound in the rotunda was like nothing we have had ever heard before. It was inhuman, almost demonic. They chanted slogans like, “Whose choice? My choice” and “Pray, You’ll Need It, Your Cause will be Defeated” while periodically breaking into primal screams that echoed around us. As we watched from the top floor with a group of pro-life students, surrounded by a deluge of orange shirts, we could see DPS officers move into the crowd below to remove the blue shirts that had been peacefully praying amongst the crush of angry protesters.

DPS had determined that the rotunda was no longer safe for pro-lifers. The capitol was on lock down. No one else was allowed in. Officers blocked entrances to the rotunda on the first and second floors. News from outside was that a large mob of pro-aborts was gathering. Reports were coming in that they were planning demonstrations on all four sides of the capitol. Rumors swirled about disturbances and weapons outside. At one point, one of the students on the Students for Life #Stand4Life Bus Tour was shoved hard by pro-aborts as he was trying to film what was going on. Chaos Reigned.

As the situation grew uglier, DPS directed all pro-lifers to leave the rotunda for their own safety. The mob did not care for or respect the well-being of anyone wearing blue. Pro-life senators and representatives were offering their offices as safe places for us. Most of the Students for Life of America students and staff had already left the rotunda. And as our team directed the retreat, some of our staff found themselves stranded on the top floor with a few students, looking for a way out. They took the elevator to the bottom two floors, but found their paths blocked both times and had to ascend back up to the top of the building. They then found a side staircase that brought them down to the ground floor. But, as they rounded the final curve to the landing, they stopped dead in their tracks; they were again confronted by a sea of orange shirts.

Confident in the presence of news cameras to keep them safe, our team managed to slide along the railing, cut through the swarm of angry pro-aborts and escape behind them. Texas Representative Bryan Hughes offered our team and students safe haven in his office (guarded by DPS officers), where we gathered to watch the end of the debate and anxiously awaited the final, victorious vote on the Senate floor shortly after midnight.

The pro-aborts did not win this day. Not only did they lose the vote, but their antics cost them dearly in the court of public opinion. America has seen that the only way for abortion activists to get their way for the “right” to kill babies is to throw a giant temper tantrum.

Terror and mob rule will not intimidate the pro-life movement and will not change the minds of Americans that abortion is a human rights tradegy. The momentum from the victory in Texas will carry us into other states, marching forward until abortion is abolished. We fight for something greater than anger and hate. We fight for love and truth. And we will win.

See below some of the photos and videos our Students for Life #Stand4Life Bus Team took on Friday:

Pictures and Videos from Friday:




The #Stand4Life Team sings Amazing Grace while Pro-Aborts Yell

Pro-Abortion Protesters screaming while Students for Life Prays

Demonic Screaming in Texas Rotunda by pro-aborts

Pro-Abortion Protestors Screaming in the TX Rotunda

A Pro-Abortion Woman Screaming at one of our Students

Our Students Peacefully Witnessing Amid Chaos

Our #Stand4Life Bus Team Cheering After the Bill Finally Passes

After Not Being Allowed to Shower at the YMCA All Week, Here’s our Students’ Reactions

Prayers Needed in Austin

Today, our team in Austin needs your prayers. Early this morning, I received the following email from our team on the ground in Austin, and I wanted to share it with you to see what we are up against.

Make no mistake about it: I believe what is happening right now in Austin is spiritual warfare. Our students and staff have endured it all this week: discrimination by the YMCA, bus breakdowns, a hit-and-run on one of our rental vehicles, threats from pro-abortion supporters at the capitol, technology failures, and illness.

And despite the fact that our team has only been getting about 3 hours of sleep a night and is exhausted from being outside in the 100 degree heat for 12+ hours a day, today is the most important day of our week as the pro-life omnibus bill has passed the House and is going to the Senate for a final vote. Because they are so desperate, Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and other pro-abortion forces are preparing for a war at the Texas state capitol today.

Our supporters have been simply amazing this week. The outpouring for support, prayers, and help in Austin can never be repaid. We’ve had some of our friends come by and donate cots for our team to sleep on and others come to the capitol to feed us. And in Austin, our team has been prayed over by some of the authors of this pro-life bill, we’ve met with the Lt. Governor of Texas and former Senator Rick Santorum, and have had pro-lifers drive our team places when our bus broke down and give us keys to their hotel rooms to help some of us shower.

But right now, I need you to pray:

• Pray for the safety of our team and of our students.

• Pray for the hurt people on the other side who are preparing to do all they can to stop this bill, which will save babies’ lives and women from the hurt of abortion, from passing.

• And pray that we can get out the story of what is happening in Austin out to the nation. Sadly, our team has seen this type of behavior before but not when national cameras have been present. Now is our time to not only pass life-saving legislation that could have a domino effect across the nation but to show the world just what those advocating for abortion really are about.

Of course, even with our bus breaking down in Austin and the YMCA bullies forcing us to scramble for showers, the unexpected roadblocks haven’t kept our spirit down. If you have the opportunity, join our friends in Austin and let them know you support their work with a quick donation today: I know they’ll appreciate the encouragement.

Thank you for all of your support and prayers over the week! I can’t wait to send you our final victory report!

For Life,

Kristan Hawkins
Students for Life of America

(sent from my iPhone)
From: Brendan O’Morchoe
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2013 02:55:57 -0500
To: SFLA Austin Team (Beth, Alexa, Missy)
Subject: Schedule, Plan and Reminders

Earlier tonight, I met with a couple of people from folks who have been doing recon all day. This has moved beyond just the typical pro-aborts and has become more of an Occupy movement. This is what I know so far: There are at least 40 paid “chaos leaders” throughout the capitol and grounds, split into quadrants. There are rumors that the pro-aborts will be throwing paint at pro-lifers. In the gallery, they will be unfurling large banners and planning a march around the capitol. They are planning for lots of arrests and making arrangements to get people out of jail quickly and back into the fray. The police here have been conducting riot drills tonight and are preparing for the worst. Our number 1 priority is the safety of the students for whom we are responsible.

It was suggested to me (and I agreed) that we have a rendezvous point in case we have to retreat out of the capitol. That point for SFLA will be (removed for safety purposes). If Beth sends out the text alert to meet at (removed location), everyone leaves. No questions asked and no delays. At that point, Beth and Alexa will go directly to the (removed location) to meet the students. Missy and I will make sure we get all of the students safely out of the capitol.

Here’s what Abby Johnson just posted to Facebook to warn as well:

I just wanted to post something in preparation for tomorrow. I have had a couple of legitimately concerned abortion clinic workers (from Austin clinics) contact me to let me know what is being planned for tomorrow. Both Planned Parenthood and NARAL are no longer encouraging their supporters to be civil and courteous. These workers are telling me that many are planning on getting arrested and being aggressive with prolifers (including physical contact because they don’t think we will press charges).

I am writing this to you guys because I used to be one of the abortion supporters. They are very angry, hurting people. At this time, they feel like they have nothing to lose. I am not posting this to frighten any of you…rather, I am posting this so you are aware of what we are dealing with. AND, I want all of you to go in armed with the power of prayer.

St. Michael, pray for us.

Brendan O’Morchoe
National Director of Field Operations
Students for Life of America

(sent from my iPhone)

Texas: A Glimpse into the Future

What happens when you have fiercely passionate pro-abortion activists gathered together in Austin, Texas when one of the most hotly debated pieces of pro-life legislation is up before the House and Senate?

First off, the hatred and vitriol coming from pro-abortion activists at the Texas State House is unbelievable. Coming off their ill-gotten victory two weeks ago when Planned Parenthood and their allies resorted to mob-like tactics to stop the passage of a commonsense pro-life bill that would have protected Texan women from future Kermit Gosnells and end painful abortions for those babies 20 weeks and older — now they are more desperate than ever.

Just in case you need to see what is at stake here, here is some raw footage of pro-lifers singing “Amazing Grace” while pro-aborts in orange scream “Hail Satan” and “God is dead.”

Students for Life organized the Students #Stand4Life Bus Tour immediately following State Senator Wendy Davis’s filibuster of SB 5 to offer support to pro-life Texas.

On Tuesday the Students #Stand4Life Bus Tour faced discrimination from the Town Lake YMCA when they were denied access to showers because of their pro-life position. They were told that while our students were respectful some of their pro-abortion members were upset the “Y” was accommodating our team. These pro-abortion members intimidated the staff at the YMCA and then the students were asked not to come back. Apparently abortion supporters at the “Y” went so far in expressing their outrage that YMCA staffers reported feeling “threatened” by them.

After the “Hail Satan” video went viral, someone on the inside told the abortion activists to tone it down. However, we’re not sure if all the “If my vagina were a gun” type protesters got that message as there were many vulgar signs that really had zero to do with the debate at hand. One other group that missed the memo was Rise Up, which caused such a huge disturbance that 5 members of their group were arrested on Wednesday in the House gallery as legislators voted on final passage of the bill.

While things are looking grim for the other side, pro-abortion men have also stepped up to make their voices heard in the debate. Ben Sherman, a pro-abortion boy, took to his blog to explain the #brochoice movement. He wrote that if abortion isn’t readily accessible, especially in his state of Texas, men’s sex lives are at stake. It was the ultimate form of male-chauvinism, yet NARAL and other pro-abortion women’s groups took to Twitter in support of the campaign.

Can you believe this actually happened? Here’s what Sherman wrote to other men as to why they should be #brochoice:

· “Forcing women to adhere to the anti-choice attitudes of state legislators forces men to do the same, and will have serious consequences both on men’s lives and lifestyles.”
· “Your sex life is at stake. Can you think of anything that kills the vibe faster than a woman fearing a back-alley abortion? Making abortion essentially inaccessible in Texas will add an anxiety to sex that will drastically undercut its joys. And don’t be surprised if casual sex outside of relationships becomes far more difficult to come by.”

Interestingly, Jill Stanek released an article this week of her very candid conversation with abortion advocate and senior political reporter for RH Reality Check, Robin Marty. When asked what it will take to win, Marty said that their side wins when they take the focus off of the baby and talk about pro-lifers threatening access to contraception.

Something is going on in Texas and it’s a glimpse into where the pro-abortion movement is headed – and it’s not pretty!

· Red herring tactics – Trying to take away the focus from abortion and the humanity of the pre-born to make the issue about contraception and freedom to have sex.
· Anti-Christian bigotry – “F*** the church, F*** the state, women will decide our fate” and “Hail Satan” being chanted at the Capitol.
· Intimidation & Discrimination – Students kicked out of the YMCA for their pro-life position, and even worse, lawmakers receiving threats from abortion advocates.

But I don’t want to paint it as all orange (the color the pro-aborts are wearing) in Texas! There is a strong pro-life “blue-shirt” presence that is making their voices known. The Students #Stand4Life Bus Tour crew has been on the ground all week assisting pro-life Texans with their rallies, meetings with lawmakers, and by making some waves of their own.

Everywhere Planned Parenthood showed up in and around Austin, Students #Stand4Life brought their bus, and our Planned Parenthood Project to shed light on the fact that they are the nation’s largest abortion provider and that money received from performing abortions drives their mission. The Planned Parenthood Project consists of postcards and banners that expose Planned Parenthood’s true agenda by highlighting statistics from Planned Parenthood’s own annual report along with a display of 915 pink crosses that represent the number of babies who are aborted every day by this abortion Goliath.

Our students also met with Lt. Governor of Texas David Dewhurst, participated in a news conference with Senator Rick Santorum, and led outreach outside of South Austin Planned Parenthood’s late term abortion facility.

Showers or no showers, the passion and energy of young people will help turn the abortion tide by focusing the debate and by not bowing to intimidation and discrimination. They are poised to hit every ball abortion activists throw at them and here’s to hoping that in Texas they hit it out of the ballpark. This victory on the horizon in Texas, where Roe v. Wade was first heard, could spell the beginning of the end of Roe and legal abortion in our nation.

Outrageous Update from Austin

Bus Face OffSo much is riding on what is happening in Texas right now, as their legislature is poised to pass legislation that will save countless children from death and their mothers from the pain and heartache of abortion.  The whole world is watching. Right now the Students #Stand4Life crew is busy bolstering Texas pro-life efforts, meeting with state representatives, and shedding light on the horrors of abortion to our orange shirted, pro-abortion opponents – and all that in the face of discrimination!

Last night the Students #Stand4Life crew was left out in the cold after the local YMCA was bullied by pro-abortion activists to evict our SFLA team members and students from their facilities.  SFLA had worked out an arrangement with the the Austin Town Lake Branch YMCA to use their showers for the week of the Students #Stand4Life Bus Tour.  On Monday night after using the facilities, YMCA management had indicated everything was working out great. But  pro-abortion members of the club said that it was “too political” to have pro-lifers in the showers — and pressured management to give our students the boot.

It’s really a shame that the Young Men’s Christian Association was bullied by these people to kick pro-life, Christian kids out. it just goes to show how pro–aborts operate every day.

And now our team members on the ground in Austin have been scrambling to find other locations at which to get 56 people showered each day, as the church building housing our team does not have shower facilities.

SFLAPPbus2But not all the news coming out of Austin is bad!  When our team heard Planned Parenthood was launching their own bus tour in Austin, we knew the Students #Stand4Life Bus Tour had to take action.  Our SFLA Missionaries for Life went right up to the Planned Parenthood bus to hold  our “I am the Pro-Life Generation” signs and pass out our “Planned Parenthood’s Plan for You” postcards to expose the true facts about Planned Parenthood’s billion-dollar abortion business. We truly went head to head with the abortion Goliath!  See the pictures of our crew below.

Plus, on Monday after we arrived the Students #Stand4Life crew also had the opportunity to meet with the Lt. Governor of Texas, David Dewhurst. Lt. Governor Dewhurst told our team, “I am so glad to know that we have a new generation of pro-life Texans on their way to leadership. The presence of Students For Life of America today at the Texas Capitol, at such a historic time, gives me confidence that good will prevail.”

Lt Gov smaller

These students who have given a week of their lives, who are sacrificing by sleeping on church floors (and possibly going without showers) are truly the heart of the pro-life movement.  Their dedication and passion to protect the preborn and their mothers challenges and encourages me. And I hope you too!

To be honest with you – when this idea for the bus tour came to us we almost said no.  That’s right – we almost said no.  It’s the middle of July -with vacations and summer jobs keeping our students busy. But we were challenged by the passion of the students and by our SFLA team members who wanted to take this leap of faith, that the support would come in.  The Students #Stand4Life Bus Tour is not something we had budgeted for, and as this is the end of our fiscal year, all our money for special projects has been spent.

But we are so glad that we moved forward with the Students #Stand4Life Bus Tour and took this leap of faith and now we want to challenge you.

In this critical time, as the nation watches what is happening in Austin, we have had a generous supporter come forward with a $3,000 matching grant to further our efforts in Texas and help guarantee that we will meet our goal, covering all our expenses for this trip!

We are $6,000 away from reaching our goal of having the Students #Stand4Life Bus Tour fully funded and this matching grant will bridge that gap!

This week every dollar you give will be doubled up to $3,000!  So, now is the time to give if you have not already, and if you have already given, please consider giving just a little more!  

Will you please partner with us this week with a donation of $25, $15 or even $5 to help us reach our matching grant?  Every dollar that you give this week will be doubled up to $3,000!  We need your help to reach our goal and cover all the expenses for the Students #Stand4Life Bus Tour so that we can start the 2013-2014 school year off without a deficit.

Thank you for believing in our mission and taking a leap of faith each day with us as we work to abolish abortion in our lifetime!

YMCA Kicks Out Students for Life

Students for Life of America (SFLA) was left out in the cold after the local YMCA was bullied by pro-abortion activists to evict SFLA students from their facilities. SFLA had worked out an arrangement with the associate branch director of the Town Lake branch of the Austin YMCA to use their showers for the week of the ‘Students #Stand4Life Bus Tour.’  Previously, YMCA management had indicated everything was working out great, but certain orange-shirted members of the club said that it was “too political” to have pro-lifers in the showers — and pressured management to give the students the boot.

“We had absolutely no problems on Monday night when we used their facilities.The YMCA management was respectful, but some angry pro-abortion activists were being very aggressive with YMCA staff members and the staff said they felt threatened,” said Brendan O’Morchoe, Director of Field Operations with SFLA. “Unfortunately, the anger and rage from the pro-abortion protestors has created a toxic environment even outside the Capitol Building.  It’s really a shame that the YMCA was bullied by these people, it just goes to show how pro–aborts operate every day.

“The YMCA has a long history of helping young people and always had an open door policy to everyone, yet we were turned away because of our pro-life beliefs. The YMCA rescinded their offer to help because of the complaints of a few people on one side of the abortion issue and we were discriminated against based on our political position.”

SFLA was left scrambling to find other locations at which to bathe as the church buildings they are staying at do not have shower facilities.

The Students #Stand4Life Bus Tour left DC on Sunday for a 30 hour bus ride, making stops to pick up more students along the way in Tennessee, Arkansas, and Texas. On Monday, the Bus Tour met up with even more pro-life students at the Texas State Capitol who flew and drove in from around Texas as well as states like Iowa, New Mexico, and Oregon to back up their fellow pro-life Texans.  After the group met with Lt. Gov. Dewhurst on the Senate Floor, SFLA National High School Coordinator Missy Martinez spoke at the #Stand4Life rally that night.  On Tuesday morning, SFLA activists and local pro-life protesters took over the kickoff rally of Planned Parenthood’s “Stand with Texas Women Bus Tour.” The bus tour continues through Sunday.

Media contact:
Alexa Coombs,, 571-295-7352

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